Independent cinema, Phoenix does it best.

(This post is part of a coursework assignment)

Kick back in a really comfortable chair.

Last night I visited the Phoenix with a few friends. We decided to go and see Flight starring Denzel Washington. Ticket prices worked out to be really cheap, not only did we get student prices but the Orange Wednesday promotion also applied so tickets became a mere £2.50 each, bargain!

As we had arrived slightly early we head over into the café and spent the half an hour with a refreshing cider and a game of Scrabble, clearly the coolest kids in there. It was really busy but there was a nice atmosphere about the place.


I got the blame for the dreadful round of Scrabble for starting the board off with ‘buoy’. It was time for the film; we made our way over to the screen and were surprised by how large it was. I’ve been to independent cinemas before and the screen rooms were small and old fashioned but this certainly rivalled the best of the big chains. We took our seats and immediately commented on how comfortable they were.

While the film was running I noticed how mature the audience was. If you go to your average cinema on a normal Wednesday evening chances are it will be full of teenagers attracted by the 2-for-1 promotion that start messing around and talking during the film; none of that here. Staff were lovely, film was top notch and a great night was had by all. The place is worth the extra 5 minute walk and I’ll definitely be visiting again.